A One-of-a-Kind Fashion House with a Social, Economic and Environmental Agenda
That Aims to Carve a New Sustainable Niche
in the Fashion Industry and Support Young Designers

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Event :: September 2010
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Fashion Lab in Process, LLC (FliP™) is a research environment for creating hybrids between fashion, art, and
technology. Created and directed by Daria Dorosh, PhD, it aims to test new economic models for artists and
designers and facilitates networks for collaborations and dialogue within a diverse community of professionals.

FliP™ uses a public performance process to communicate a sustainable design philosophy and a social responsibility
agenda that addresses the current state of the fashion world and beyond.

A core economic concept originated by Fashion Lab in Process brings designers and customers together in a
creative retail experience. FliP™ has presented fashion surrounded by video, art, and performance to celebrate its
reconstructed, repurposed, ‘don’t-waste-anything’ aesthetic. The public can join in the fun, watch a garment
makeover, and walk away with a unique fashion purchase. FliP™ demonstrates how mass produced fashion can be
made sustainable by being transformed into one-of-a-kind fashions through a process that re-values garments and
involves the public in a unique fashion experience.

Fashion Lab in Process is ready to share its novel economic concept to increase traffic in retail environments and
provide exposure for young designers. To find out how a FliP™ fashion makeover can be done in your store, please
contact Daria Dorosh, Director.

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